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Jenkins Entertainment Group
Jenkins Entertainment Group


There are key disciplines vital to the success of any gaming or hospitality venue. JTJ is a collection of some of the finest talent the industry has to offer. Our accumulated experience in gaming, hospitality, finance, information technology, marketing, entertainment and design delivers success for the client. Each of our projects is custom-tailored to fit the scope of work with the required professional skill sets to produce a unique and entertaining guest experience with successful and profitable results.


Every project not only requires advanced planning but a vision. That vision must be reflected in the acquisition, financing, design, construction, organization, management, and marketing. JTJ assists with each step of development.


JTJ can step in at any phase of project development. From concept development to existing operations, we focus on each department with one purpose, that goals are satisfied and profit is realized.


Rarely can a property be developed or operated without the need for outside consultation; no one knows it all. Because of the multi-faceted expertise of JTJ, we can assist in problem-solving at every step of the project development cycle.

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